Regional Content Is Improving, wish Odisha Industry Find Its Groove As Well, Says Kavya Kiran

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Actress Kavya Kiran, who recently hosted her star-studded birthday bash in Mumbai, says she
hails from the regional cinema sector, and the quality of regional content is improving, she wish
Odisha industry also gets into the groove.

Kavya Kiran rose to fame with back to back hits, films such as Ram Ratan and Rahashya, which
she followed with a massive hit series 3G, turned a year older and celebrated it with friends
from Industry.

Talking about her birthday celebration, Kavya said, “I am celebrating my birthday with my
friends. I believe in a small gathering, so only people close to me are here. I am missing my
folks and family a little bit, but these days work takes me places, I was in Bhuvneshwar
yesterday and now I am here for work, I am kind of celebrating my birthday between work”
Ram Ratan famed actor Rishi Bhutani was among the invitees at the party, who praised Kavya
for her extended work. He said, “Kavya is a great actor and human being. She is a good soul and
a great performer. She is talented and beautiful, as we all know it. Her last release, One day,
was a great movie and had a huge release. She puts a lot of effort and thought in her work. She
is very talented; an amazingly well versed and trained dancer and even better actor”
Kavya Kiran is a known face in Odisha, her work speaks for itself. She is currently working to
find a footing in mainstream Bollywood.

Talking about her work and Hindi projects, Kavya said, “My last release was Khushi, which is
being line up for State and National Award. Currently, I am working on two films, back to back,
which will release soon. My last Hindi release was ‘One Day’. I have done films, short films and
web-series in Odisha and now working simultaneously in Hindi industry as well, I am enjoying

Talking about regional cinema, she said, “I am from Odisha, so most of my work is in the local
language. I have seen a lot of Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more, regional films. I wish
the kind of good content other regional industries are producing, Odisha industry starts doing
the same. I wish bigwigs from the industry start putting some efforts to improve content

“I really believe there must be some change for every regional industry. I really appreciate the
people working in regional cinemas stepping out and doing different work and there work is
being appreciated nationally and globally” added Kavya.
Kavya was last seen in a cameo for “Nasha Menu Chad Gaya” song in “One Day – Justice
Delivered” for T-Series.


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